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Woodhaven Estates
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Homeowners Association - West Salem, OR.

Woodhaven Estates is located in Salem, Oregon, between Eola Drive NW and Glen Creek Road NW. It consists of homes on Fillmore, Eisenhower, Cleveland, Carter, Hoover, Harding, Van Buren, Roosevelt, Reagan, Tyler, Polk, and Burley Hill Loop. It includes a private park (Girod Park, on Van Buren), a landscaped buffer between Burley Hill and Burley Hill Loop, and a detention basin that provides flood control (just above Eola Ridge Park).

Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale June 22-23!

About the Woodhaven Estates HOA

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Board Members

The Woodhaven Estates HOA Board meets on the second Wednesday of every month at Myers Elementary School (September to May) or Girod Park (June and July). No meeting is held in August..

A note to our Neighbors in Woodhaven Estates

Featured Family RoomEvery owner in Woodhaven Estates shall be a member of the homewner's association. The Association is administered by a volunteer board of homeowners and shall have duties including, but not limited to the following:

  • Maintain and manage common areas and all improvements therein, including signage, landscaping, lighting, etc
  • Employ persons to perform all or any of the duties of the Association
  • Landscape and maintenance of the common areas such as the park and detention basin
  • Collecting assessments, budgeting and financial reporting and enforcing the CC&R.