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Downloadable Forms

Architectural Request Form

Any change in the exterior of your home, paint or construction, requires approval by the Association and your  neighbors.  The ARC Request form can be downloaded from the website.  In the case of repainting, the form must include samples of the new paint colors.  If you are planning renovations in the front or back, e.g. retaining walls, patios, decks, etc. please include a copy of the plans or drawing of the project when you submit the form.  It is very important to have your neighbors, most appropriately the ones that can see your home, sign the form. Once the form is completed please submit to the Association P.O. Box for final approval.  Please allow the Board at least two weeks for the approval process.


If your project has been denied or you have received a written notice of complaint you have the right to appeal.  Please send your written response to the Board at:

P.O. Box 5946
Salem, Or. 97304


Any homeowner can submit a CC&R complaint in writing to the Board by mailing to the P.O. Box.  The complaint must have the name and address of the person making the complaint as well as the address and description  of the violation.