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History of West Salem, Or.

"West Salem is located in Polk County on the west bank of the Willamette River just opposite the original town site of Salem. The first pioneer settlement in the West Salem area occurred in 1849 on the west shore of the Willamette below the mouth of LeCreole Creek, now called Rickreall Creek, with the platting of a town called Cincinnati.Historic West Salem

T. H. Hutchinson officially surveyed the community in 1855, establishing the legal boundaries and calling the settlement Eola. In 1853 the teacher at Eola's one-room schoolhouse was Abigail Jane Scott, later Abigail Scott Duniway. Eola was a thriving community for several years, however, silting of Rickreall Creek was a deterrent to shipping. Most of the town's buildings were destroyed by the flood of 1890. At about the same time the less hilly farm land north of Eola was subdivided into West Salem Addition. Orchards and hop fields covered the undeveloped land." Taken from salemhistory.net

"Few people realize that West Salem was an independent town for over 30 years. From its early development in the mid-19th century when valley homesteaders grew wheat, hops, and fruits to the founding of Fairview School in 1868, the opening of the Center Street Bridge across the Willamette River in 1886, the rail line in 1909, and a city charter in 1913 to the surrender of that charter to Salem in 1949, the West Salem area forged its own unique identity. 

Today, West Salem is a thriving community full of cherished memories alongside physical reminders of its independence, such as the Art Deco style city hall and jailhouse." Taken from Arcadia Publishing Press release 10/27/2011