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Disaster can strike when you least expect it . . .
Are You Ready?

CERT LogoCity of Salem and Salem Fire Department have teamed up and created a training program to help communities prepare for a disaster. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) trains volunteers to assist their communities when a disaster overwhelms professional response teams.

  1. CERT TRAINING CALENDAR - Salem Fire Department provides training for volunteers. Click here to access upcoming dates.
  2. MAKE A PLAN - Planning ahead is the first step to a calmer and more assured disaster response.
  3. MAKE A KIT - The supplies you have on hand when a disaster happens can make a big difference. Keep enough supplies in your home to meet the needs of everyone in
  4. GET INVOLVED - Learning simple first aid and CPR techniques can give you the skills and confidence to help anyone in your home, your neighborhood and at work.
  5. VOLUNTEER - Your community needs your help. Become a CERT member by contacting the City of Salem Fire Departmentís Emergency Manager at: 503-763-3331